What type of decals do you have?

All of our decals are adhesive backed vinyl decals cut out of a solid sheet of vinyl.  They can be applied to the exterior of windows or other hard non-porous smooth surfaces. Decals are cut to the exact shape of the image designed. We use an Intermediate 2.5mil High Gloss 6-Year Calendared Vinyl. The vinyl used is UV and water resistant, and will last for many years without fading, peeling, or cracking. Detailed instructions are included with each order.

Who designs your decals?

We custom design every decal by using the best source material imagery. Most of our designs are based on embroidered patches or die-cast badges, so we usually try to make it look better than the real thing by sharpening corners or making the design more symmetrical.

Who makes your decals?

We not only design the decal, but we also cut each decal on our own machine, many times we've made extra copies before but most of the times we make your decal fresh the same day. We don't use any mass produced decals.

You don't have the design I want..

We can make that design, just email us a picture to jason@milvec.com or use the chat option at the bottom of the page. We will draw it up just as good as our other designs and send you a link so you can order. 

You have the design I want, just not on the right product or color..

That's easy enough, just chat with us and tell us what product you want or what changes you want made to make it what you want.

What do you charge for a new design?

If it's a personal design and we can't reuse it, then we work for tips, just drop the tip on the order page once we send a link.
If it's a design we need (don't already have it) then there's NO fee, that's right, you can give us a tip at checkout if you want. Basically, if you want it, someone else might want it too.

How are decals packaged?

We put each decal in a stiff document mailer with cardboard to both stiffen the envelope so it's not bent and provide the thickness required to follow the USPS guidelines. We include a business card to remind you where to get decals and an instruction pamphlet.

Why is my decal sticking to paper?

That is the biggest issue with decals, sometimes they just don't want to come off the paper, could be the weather during shipping or pressure of surrounding envelopes, we are not sure. We loosen the decal before we ship by peeling it off the paper but sometimes it still sticks for you. We now use a more tacky transfer paper (the clear sheet on top of decal) and that seems to help, but it also sticks better to the decal which could damage it if not removed carefully.

Where should I install my decal?

Decals can go on any smooth surface, typically these are used for vehicle windows, just don't put them where the windshield wipers run or on a window that can open, which could potentially damage the decal over time.

How should I care for my decal?

Your decals can be safely cleaned by wiping them with a  damp cloth, Windex, or a small amount of ammonia or mild dish soap in water.  Most public car washes are fine. NEVER clean your decals with anything abrasive.

How can I remove it once it eventually fades or starts to crack?

Removing is as easy as peeling, depending on how long it's been will determine how easy it is to peel. A razor blade pushed underneath the decal will slice it right off the surface. Then just a window cleaner to remove any sticky residue and your surface is ready for a new decal.